Taylor Zhang

I am an English teacher and writer living in New York.

As of late, I conduct research and write obituaries for MISSING THEM, compose haibuns using open sourced text, and serve as a poetry reader for Boulevard Magazine. I also run Choo Choo Press, a small Risograph zine press, with my friend Emily Bluedorn. She made the painting above, which shows me walking around in Brooklyn the year I decided to move to the city to write. I now live fifteen minutes away from this street.

Other non-literary interests and pleasures include: diners (Waffle House counts), desserts of almost every variety, artistic collaboration, going to the movies, and Hawaiian shirts.


"Billet Doux," "Candyland Haibun," The Rational Creature, Forthcoming Fall 2022.

“Plastic Summer,” The Cortland Review, Spring 2022.

“Still More Beautiful,” Lammergeier, Winter 2021.

“Pure Pleasure,” The Massachusetts Review, Summer 2021.

"Self Portrait as a Lachrymal Vase," "Swarovski Bright," The Vassar Review, 2021.

“The Attending Concerns,” Some Kind of Opening, Winter 2020.

“A Softer Kind of Drowning,” “Imitation Crab,” The Louisville Review, Fall 2020. “A Softer Kind of Drowning” reprinted in Verse Daily, Spring 2021.


"Love Letter to Ben L.," Salt Hill Journal, Forthcoming Fall 2022

“Susan Baker’s How to Humiliate Your Peeping Tom,” “The Six Times Future Raps ‘Nobu’ on Jumpman,” The Drift Magazine, Summer 2020.

If you’d like to work together or just chat, you can reach me here:

Instagram: @tay.zhang
Twitter: @tayxzhang
Email: taylorzhangx@gmail.com